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So since I've planted my 24g tank I've had a small population of tiny pond snails hanging around. Sometimes I see about a dozen or so, but never more than that. They seem to be cleaning the tank a bit, but not amazingly so. All my research says that if I can see a good number in the open, there are probably dozens more hiding in the substrate.

So far they haven't bothered me, but I know that they can soon overtake the tank. I toyed with the idea of Assassin Snails, but this seemed potentially problematic, especially because I'd like to keep some larger snails.

I just ordered a pack of 5 Amano Shrimp and 3 Mystery Snails.

My question is, since they are much larger, and the shrimp are much quicker, will they be able to clean up most of the waste matter that the pond snails are feeding on now? Over time shouldn't I see the population of pest snails drop as the bigger guys take over the top of the scavenger food chain?

Again, they haven't become problematic, but I though having a more efficient cleanup crew might help with population control and be more cool to watch anyway. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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