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will alum & potassium permanganate dips kill shrimp?

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I received a new plant over the weekend. The seller advised that I do alum and potassium permanganate dips since he claimed his tank had pond snails. And so I did a 10 min dip in potassium permanganate and a 2-3 hour dip in a highly concentrated solution of water & alum. I rinsed the plants thoroughly with tap water and added only a few of them to the tank.

For three days my Amano shrimp seemed fine but today i found them all dead next to the plants that were dipped.

I found this article online: order_plants!&utm_content=html

could this be true? has anyone had similar invertebrate wipeouts after dipping plants in alum and/or potassium permanganate??
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I do both as dips and all I do after the dips is rinse really well and let soak for a day in dechlorinated tap water. I don't do any vitamin C or peroxide or anything like that. I do 3 day alum soaks (recommended time to kill snail eggs). I do a PP dip beforehand for an hour, then alum for 3 days, rinse and soak for 24-48 hours. That's a good method and good for quarantine procedures as well as you can monitor any other critters that might make it through the dips.
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