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Wild type Bettas

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Is anybody else breeding or keeping wild type Bettas?

I have been considering acquiring some high quality show Bettas splendins and breeding them for local stores because I am sick of seeing the overly inbred, poor genetic stock that everybody seems intent on "rescuing" which just creates the market and provides continued incentive for careless breeding practices of unhealthy fish. [/soapbox]

I ended up picking up some Betta rubra at a local club auction yesterday. They are too young for me to try to sex at this point, but I am hoping to have three pair, or ideally two females and four males. B. rubra are mouth brooders where the male hold the eggs (most Betta are actually mouth brooders and not all species have the male care for the eggs). A male and female can be kept together (or multiple paris in larger densly planted tank with plenty of driftwood to break up the tank so they can establish their own territory and not interact). They will typicall stay together hanging out in a small recess or pocket in the vegetation.

What other wild types are people raising?
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I've kept and spawned imbellis and wild type splendens. My last splendens just passed a few months ago. I will get back to them eventually but I'm having a lot of fun with cichlids right now. Just got a spawn of GBR. They have always been a very difficult fish for me so it's particularly rewarding. A lot to be said for keeping the wild type bettas going too. Best of luck with your rubras!
Not currently raising any, but strongly considering using a species (no clue which...I've given mahachaiensis a lot of thought, but really most smaller species would work) in the 10 gallon low tech planted tank I am going to set up over the next few months...keep me posted (Rubra is supposed to be a very prolific, gorgeous, straightforward species). One thing I do know is that wild bettas are amongst the worst jumpers in existence...they NEED a good lid (I use plastic wrap)
I'm thinking about getting a betta imbellis next. Not for breeding, just as a pet. But who knows...
Rubra can be prolific, the female will try to breed with the male the second he is done brooding, repeatedly. Which can mean he would go months without eating (unless he gets startled and swallows the brood, which tends to happen frequenty if using typical breeding setups) if you do not separate them or provide the male a chance to feed and recover for a few days.

Swallowing the brood seems to be pretty common (beyond the first brood or two) and seems to be the biggest hurdle for some. Others just leave them in a tank (or stop trying) and end up finding fry in the tank at some point.

The prolific breeding and the tendancy for the female to try to breed with the male immediately is why I am hoping the males outnumber the females. Hopefully it will offer the males a reprieve between broods.
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