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Wild Olive Nerites near Gulf?

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Okie here, my dad lives in Gulfport and I visit him at least once a year. Does anyone know if/where olive nerite snails can be found in the "rivers" going to the Gulf? I am going to try to call some local pet/fish stores to ask if they have any idea, but I wanted to ask y'all as well. I bet they are somewhere, but it would be highly insider knowledge as to the magic locations. (Maybe not, maybe they are easy to find! I've never looked before). I will also call the Southern Mississippi university as they have aquatic studies, and possibly some local wildlife departments for the state.
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That would be awesome to catch your own. I just order mine off eBay. They are fairly decent priced and I like the tigers, horned, and other types. Usm should be able to help, but if not call the dmr (department of marine resources). But good luck in your journey lol
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