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Wild collected Fissidens

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Hey guys,

I recently collected some wild F. fontanus and what looks like zippelianus and was wondering if there are any special steps that I need to undertake to integrate it into my tank (other than making sure that there are no bacteria and algae along with other invertebrates hitch-hiking). Specifically can I just throw them into warm water? or will they die since they were collected from an outside pond??


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nah, you should be able to just put them into the water and they'll adapt to the conditions themselves. I haven't tried it with fissidens, but i've done the same thing with a lot of other plants.
You're going to need to profusely wash it a few times. Collected moss is extremely dirty. Maybe a dip in something to make sure you kill any hitch hikers if you're putting it into a tank where this is a major concern.

Being a temperate moss results will vary. Some will take the temp shock well, some should be slowly acclimated, and some will just die over time due to the high temps.

Also, it isn't zipper moss. There are over 600 different species of Fissidens in the USA... and that moss is from southern asia.

by the way.... can i bleach dip fissidens?
If you have access to Potassium Permanganate that would be much safer for the moss than bleach.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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