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Wild Cherry

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Somewhere under that mass of shrimp, there is an algae wafer.

I sent myself 100+ wild cherry shrimp (neocaridina denticulata) from Hawaii to myself in California. I used a bag with riccia, and almost all of them made it! I'm very, very pleased that my little lovelies made the trip safe. :D

A photo of one of the many pregnant females. ^^ There are 15 or so females in the tank (at a glance) carrying eggs, and it seems that some of them dropped eggs during the trip because there are baby shrimp swimming about! :D
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Lucky you! Will they color up once they get settled in?

Let us know when your ready to sell some ;)
I don't think that wild cherries are red at all, at least that is what I have read. I could be wrong...

Nope. Wild Cherries are a natural brown color. The red came about through selective breeding if I recall correctly.
Females are opaque, males are much more translucent just like with cherries.

You never quite know what you're going to get with wilds. The females are usually brown or tan, but can develop near-black, blue, or greenish colors. Of course, every once in a while I'll see one that could pass as a low-grade cherry shrimp, and it makes you see strain must not have been too much of a challenge to make. Diet and conditions can also affect color. One of my friends who lives on the windward side has a tank that is water-changed by rain water outdoors, and for whatever reason, the females almost all have a jet-black color. Very nice.

IMO, I could do without bright red shrimp. It can be distracting if one is making a tank with a "cooler" color temperature, like iwagumi. Wild cherries are probably one of the most aesthetically unobtrusive algae eating shrimp, being smaller than Amanos. Cheap too, at least in Hawaii. 10/$1. Unfortunately, our conditions are perfect for them year-round and they're a real invasive pest.

When I get these guys established, I might very well start selling them if people are interested.
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Never knew that about wild cheeries. Let us know when these are ready to be parted with! Im interested
Never knew that about wild cheeries. Let us know when these are ready to be parted with! Im interested
Same here, very cool shrimp.
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