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My best luck has been Pet Supplies Solution at 21st and Rock, decent stock but clean. Marine Extremes and 21st and Woodlawn is more on the Salt side, with some fresh, on the high priced side. Sea Creatures has freshwater, but I've been hit and miss with fish there. Petland West is nice and clean, but they want a Premium for their fish and plants. Petland East is a disgusting joke of a live fish store. I buy most my plants from Petco, they have some sectioned off so they don't have post snails. I still alum treat mine though. Petworld is great for supplies and has a ton of selection, I just inspect the tank really well to make sure everything looks healthy. I bought a breeding pair of GBR from there and have had them over a year. Tails and Scales in Debry is like a smaller version of Petworld, good selection you just need to inspect everything really well. I am overall disappointed with the fish stores in Wichita. A city this size you would think you can get a quality fish and plant store without having to pay a Premium to get it.
41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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