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Why shrimp died?

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OK. So one of my barried yellow shrimp just died. I originally had 11 yellow shrimp, 4 of which were barried. One I guess let go of her eggs. I saw this one alive earlier today but all of the sudden she was just laying on her side dead. All the other shrimp are still alive including the other two barried shrimp. I just did a water change just in case, but I change my water with RO so I dont think it could be the water but im not sure. She was was a pritty big shrimp. Maybe died of old age? I only have 3 corrys in the tank and an otto.

I think it may have been food, I think she got a hold of a pellet of Spectrum Thera +A and that has copper sulfate in it?

I have no clue, any ideas?

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could be the food...
I will only feed shrimp specific food from now on.
I feed some vegisticks to my lower grade CRSs. It's been a month now, some are still dying every day. I lost about half my stock.
I switched out tanks, and only 1 died in the last week.
I doubt its the food, unless you are over feeding. Which is a common mistake.

I've noticed a decline in shrimp when I don't keep up on maintenance. Even skipping a Water Change or two can kill off a few. Ever since I started using chemical filtration, I haven't lost any.
It's common for pregnant shrimp to die/drop their eggs. When you notice a lot of berried females, make sure you're keeping your parameters exactly the same, particularly when doing the water change.
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