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Why new Anubia leaves get algae after a few days?

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I have a nice bush of Anubias in my tank, and when a new leaf appears, after 5-6 days it begins to get some algae on it. Look at the picture below:

Most of my plants are algae free, but these Anubias get algae easily. I have also measured my light, and I have around 70 PAR right where the Anubias are, even though I don't think it is an issue related to too much light since other Anubias I have more in the shade, with around 20 PAR, get algae in the same way.

Any ideas?

Tank parameters:

75gl tank
EI dosing
Pressurized Co2 with over 1.4 PH drop (drop checker pretty much yellow)
Main pump Eheim compact 3000l/hr (800gl/hr)
Wet/dry filter
40w x 5 T8 lights
KH 7
GH 13
Temperature 80-82F
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My guess is too much light, maybe even for the shaded ones. All of mine do the same thing and BBA is a delicate thing to try and balance out of the equation I am finding. They are the only plant in my tank that gets algae.

Just my opinion. The only anubias I have that doesn't get this is the Coffeefolia which is so large that the lower leaves get very little light at all. They are all very healthy looking even though they are layered on top of each other in a giant mass like that.

It looks like you just have some diatoms on them but its hard to see in the pic. If its diatoms then dont worry, they will die off. /shrug

More Co2 seems to help me, but that's just because it is out of balance in my own trifecta of light/EI/co2. One or more of those things need to be adjusted for your situation but I don't have the experience to help by looking at the data you provided. Maybe someone else can give some tips to growing beautiful Anubias. I know Kehy has grown some interesting specimens.

I'm new so that's just my thoughts. They are impossible to kill I can attest to that much! Good luck!
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Thank you for your posting, the light is the first suspect indeed. I will try to deal with both that and co2. I am not sure those are diatoms though.

Of course, if someone want to give some more thoughts on this, please, do!
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