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hey there, this is the first time i succeeded growing hg mini to carpeting the tank. i was happy and jumping for joy for days :)

the tank itself has been on a DSM for 3 weeks and then flooded the tank since fungus started invading. now the tank is more than a month old with established bb from previous canister. it started to have a massive growth rate and rooted everywhere. then i decided to make it shrimp tank only and added 15 red bee and 3 rcs from previous tank



along the way, i started to trim the hg since i thought it grows uncontrollably and as well doing major maintenance one afternoon.

and then in just overnight my hairgrass and hirsuta turns brown and even rotting away. fortunately there are no casualty and rather, the shrimp happily nomming the algae away all day long


after that, i tested the water parameter and saw 0 on both amonia as well as nitrite, the ph level is normal between 6.8-6.9 with 24 degrees celcius. granted i reduce co2 injection from God knows bps to 2 bps as to avoid gassing my shrimp away. but even after that (around 2 weeks before trimming), my hg and hirsuta keeps growing like there's no tomorrow

the only chemicals i use is local made liquid fertilizer (aquasegar) and dosing only 1/4 from the normal requirement to as to scale to my water volume. i use liquid bacteria after water change, and azoo algae away to slow down algae growth. currently i'm doing water change once every 3 days about 50%-60% and planning to keep the routine for another month. after that i will look into water change once a week.



for now i stopped using tha azoo, as i worried it might be too much for the hg can handle, but i'm still not sure. other thing is i increase the dosing from 0.5ml everyday to 1 ml everyday, as i'm afraid the plants are getting greedy as well. but i don't know if it's the right thing to do

currently, the browning starts to spread to almost 40% of the hg...

is my tank is beyond saving or is there anything i can do to remedy the situation?i was hoping it's natural cycle to die and then be normal again after i've done some heavy trimming.....please advise :)
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