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Why doesn't my Blyxxa stay green?

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I'm not sure what deficiency this is, but my Blyxxa Jap keeps turning a spotted reddish brown. Not sure how to keep it green. I was thinking maybe too much light so I replanted them under an outcropping of Broad Ludwigia to no avail. I prefer green.

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Bylxa naturally vary between green and copper color like you have in your picture. A lot of it does have to do with lighting, but there are also individual plants that stay more green or more red depending on the variant.

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It seems that lighting and Co2 are the source of all evils :(
LOL, the best quote of the week :)

I did not realize there are Blyxa Japonica variants? I could swear I could tell the PAR at different spots in s 12L just by looking at individual plants. And I thought I found Nature's PAR meter :(.

What is going to drive me nuts now is why the plants from the same mother / father (singular?) change colors between different tanks o_O I bet the iron. But then I dose from the same bottle ... Another bummer.

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