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Why do people ask for Mulberry leaves from time to time?

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I see several posts here and other places on trying to get Mulberry leaves to feed their shrimp. Why is that? Do they contain things that are highly nutritional for shrimp and is it better than retail shrimp food? Its kind of got my intrrest peaked making me want to go on a Mulberry hunt. Oh, if I find any do I need brown ones that have fallen to the ground or pluck green ones and boil them for a few minutes and drop into the tank?
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Thanks for this great info!

So is there any benefit to boiling the mulberry leaves? I just found a mulberry tree (score!) and picked a bunch of leaves..

Also, can I just leave the extra ones laying out, until they dry, and use then as they are needed, or do they need to be fresh?

Last question.. Does the amount of calcium and minerals found in mulberry leaves make enough of an impact to their mineral supply to be able to not have to put a mineral rock in there?

Thanks again!

Mulberry leaves are very high in protein, 21% of dry weight, and contain some miner als like calcium and potassium in non-negligible quantities (yay for sheep fodder studies!) Spinach doesn't have nearly as much protein but beats mulberry leaves in virtually any other category of nutrition.

Like anything, feeding one or the other of them exclusively is likely to be less effective than mixing. If you're not wanting to buy mulberry leaves online, just go pick some maple or oak leaves, rinse them off, and toss them in. You'll probably need to weight them down a bit, even if you try parboiling them, but once they're waterlogged and start to decay a bit the shrimp will happily pick them to bones in short order.
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