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Why do my shrimp continue to die?

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I have had one set of 20 RCS die for no apparent reason, I recently redid my tank and figured I would pick up some ghost shrimp to try out before I purchase another set of RCS, in about 3 days all the ghost shrimp died as well.

My parameters are:
PH 6.6
Ammonia 0-.25(Hard to tell exactly)
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 5
KH 9 drops
GH 8 drops

The tank has a good amount of plants, eco-complete for substrate, EI dosing, and pressurized co2 at 1-2BPS. I have had 10 white cloud tetras in there for a week or so and they all seem to be doing well. Can you see any problems?
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Ghost shrimp aren't a good indicator of tank health... A lot of the time, in the store they are close to death. Keep in mind they are sold as fish food.

It shouldn't be hard to tell on the ammonia... 0 is a very bright yellow, if there's any hint at ALL of green, it's got ammonia in it. If you added 10 minnows a week ago, it probably went through a mini cycle.

Your BPS on co2 means nothing... You need to get a drop checker with 4dkh solution and regulate your co2 based on that, BPS is a pointless measurement.

I would let the tank cycle and then grab another 20 cherries.
How big is your tank and how long has it been set up. Shrimps are very sensitive to water conditions. When i set up a shrimp tank i dont put any shrimps in untill its a month old and usually water change with aged water and not declorinated. Then i drip aclimate them for a hour till its 90% tank water before release
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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