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why do my plants look so unhappy?

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I've tested my water and the numbers are good. I stopped using my hard water and only use distilled. I use excel and nutrients. 100 watts of HO lighting in a 65 gallon tank. My plants just aren't happy. I've got the number of hours the lights are on down to 6 because there is so much algae on gravel, plants, everywhere - but the water isn't necessarily green.
Plants get spotted and eventually translucent and rotted. I change water weekly.


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Hi.. don't worry.. these things can happen. I c that u r using gravel as ur substrate. Wud highly recommend for a nutrient rich substrate. It definitely helps. And looks like u don't use co2. Do u dose excel daily? For a non co2 tank ur lighting intensity s too high. Excel s not as efficient in supplying co2 as pressurized system. Wud recommend 1wpg for 8 hrs with daily excel and adjust ur plant inventory into a low tech one. Otherwise add co2 system.

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Are you using anything to remineralize your distilled water? If not your plants aren't getting the Calcium and Magnesium that they need to grow.

What fertilizers are you using and how often?

Can you provide a full tank picture so we can get a better idea of your plant load?
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