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These plants are over 2 years old. Java fern does not grow, Anubias are covered in algae, Cryps make you weep.

Tank: 10' x 2' x 2'
Light: 2x 38W, 5000K, LED shoplights (I used to have a total of 4 lights, but switched 2 off for algae control. Seemed to make no difference for the plants.)
Substrate: Sand
CO2: none
Fertilizer: only fish poop (Stocking level too low for Mbuna. Will be replaced soon.)
KH 90 ppm
GH 150 ppm
NO3- close to 0 ppm (I have an automatic drip water change system and no nitrate in my tap water.)
pH 7.8

Should I start dosing fertilizer?

Other suggestions?

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