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Who's got an idea for this tank?

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Hey guys! I convinced my dad, and sacrificed several things, to let me set up my bro's empty 50 gallon tank. It's gonna be planted, but there's only one problem... I don't know what plants to put in it! I know this is a grand opportunity to get some big/tall plants, so I think that I'll get some Vals, at least. I need some ideas for background and midground plants. Also, for the foreground, I was planning on a fast growing, relatively low growing plant (Relatively low growing, like Hydrocotyle Tripartitia) that has the majority of it's leaves a few inches above the substrate. The reason I want that affect is to have only dim light below the foreground plant so that the main fish, which I think is gonna be an African Brown Knife fish, to come out during the day, hiding under the HT (Abbreviation for Hydrocotyle Tripartitia) for cover, and so I can see him.

To narrow the list of possible set ups down a bit, his will be a medium-high light tank, medium-high meaning it's in between medium and high. The light is the Odyssea 36" T5-HO dual bulb fixture. I will not empty my pockets of cash for a CO2 system, so no really difficult plants please. I will be dosing the everyday Macro and Micronutrients, and I will have root tabs. To narrow down the possibilities further, the tank's dimensions are 36" long (Duh!), 20 inches high, and 15 inches wide.

So, start throwing ideas out there!!

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