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who laid these egg's?

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These plants were in a tank with 2 pearl gourami and about 14 cory's, also snails but I know these aren't snail eggs

so who is responsible?

the cory's have laid thousands of egg's in the past, but never this few and never on floating plants, they always laid them on the glass walls.

so is this the gourami's? I was under the impression they built bubble nests and tended eggs similar to betta's?

help me out there
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Those are most possibly snail eggs. Was there a bubblenest and was that plant floating on the surface?
They look like cory eggs, not snail eggs.
def not snail eggs, I never saw a bubble nest but I find it odd for it to be cory eggs on the plants suddenly when they always laid on the glass

plants were floating, which is the only reason I think it could even be the gourami
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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