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So I am just now trying to carpet my tank with baby tears and have ran into some fish problems. Every time I wake up, turn my back, go to work, come home from work I find my tuffs of baby tears up rooted and floating. Its really annoying because it is a real pain to plant those things....A REAL PAIN! (preaching to the quire here) Anyways here is a list of my possible culprits:

4x Siamese algae eaters (doubtful, really doubtful)
1x flying fox (false siamese algae eater) not sure but I have attached a pic of him
1x flash pleco
1x zebra pleco
2x albino bristle nose pleco's
1x yoyo loach
1x mystery botia loach
1x Chinese algae eater

These are just my bottom feeders....Im leaning toward the flying fox

I planted one before I started this thread and turned around and their is another one floating!!! really, come on!


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Probably all of them. That's the problem with bottom dwellers and a new carpet. Just keep replanting lol.
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