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Who has Thia Micro Crabs ?

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I'm interested in them and was wondering if Ph @6.8 would be any problem ?
The next thing would be if CRS would bother them.
As I hate to disturb my tank I am taking my time removing any fish/inverts
that I don't want in there but intend to keep only the micro crabs and...
Banded Pigmy sunfish. Right now there are also Least Killi fish and the RCS in there. There is only one Banded Pigmy sunfish but I hope to make it a pair eventually. MAXIMUM SIZE ON bps IS 1.5" so they won't hurt adult crabs but will eat babies.
So...the intended stockng would be two Banded Pigmy sunfish and the Micro Crabs. I realize that any offspring from the micro crabs would likely be food for the fish(BTW if you have them, have they ever had young ?) but just hope that some survive due to heavy vegitation.
One site sells them for $3 if you get ten. So in a very well established tank they should get all the food they need(ten g/w lots of algae on the back wall because of rocks siliconed there to give support to the algae + java moss).
But this is a very important part/question: The tank now gets light EI doses once a week + Excel. After I get more plants growing well I intend to discontinue use of the Excel and add more floaters on top to cut the T5 lighting down some so I don't get over run by the algae increase due to
stopping the Excel. But do you know for sure that either the EI or the Excel would hurt the micro crABS ?
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shouldn't be a problem,

high level of copper is what you should worry about..
as long as you don't overdose the Excel, you should be fine. Just know that you will never see anyone of them again...
I purchased some from msjinkzd and have them in a 20 high with super tigers and blue dream shrimp. At night I have seen them come out and during the day they are usually camped out on the big foam filter I have over the eheim intake. I've seen molts so I know they are growing.
I've found that critters act differently in a tank where they are mostly alone.
The Pigmy sunfish are very shy but when I put them in with only RCS they come out
occasionally. I know the crabs won't be out frequently but I'll see them on occasion.
That is part of the reason to get ten of them.
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