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Who doesn't use the EI method and what is it?

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I am curious if there are those out there that do not use the EI method of fertilization. I really don't care to hear the arguments of why I should use EI and how it is superior or any of the other millions of reasons given to me. I've tried EI, it works fine, so I don't need to have another discussion about it. There are plenty of these threads on the forum, so feel free to discuss it in one of those. :icon_cool

I am just curious of there are those like me out there that use other methods, what they are and how they work. So far my favorite all time method is my mineralized soil tank. Absolutely love the results. I've added no fertilizers through the water column since start up on 4/15/09, do very little water changes and have some of the healthiest plants ever. And no algae that I can find.
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Obviously... I use RootMedic Liquid dosing... with a 50% change every 10-12 days. I would say it gives about 1/2 to 2/3 of the nutrients found in EI levels(with exceptions of Iron and calcium).

I developed it to be the "easy" way for me to dose. I liked it so I sold it! Pfertz is very close in the levels it provides. Almost identical.

Seachem liquid would give lower across the board.

PPS takes too much testing for my liking.
I mainly use the Seachem line.
Really? Just three of us? That's hard to believe. I am curious if this is truly the case.
4. I use my own version of MTS. Its a mix of clay and worm castings. I keep a red worm steralite tub and empty it about once a year and remove all the worms. I then top it with water and start the worm farm again with new dirt.
rootmedic, but I just dose my tank here and there. Key is a nutrient rich substrate IMO
Used Seachem on my 90g for about a year but the cost was a little more than I cared to keep paying. Went with dry ferts and PPS Pro for a few months but I never tested and that may have been the downfall. Been EI for a few months and it's fine but I just don't always find the free time to do the water change. Often it gets put off a week and it shows in the tank. If I could duplicate Seachem as a DIY I'd go back to that.
Seachum line works ok... but Im not seeing the lush growth that id like. Been contemplating venturing off into dry ferts.
I use a half-aaaaaaaaaa hearted EI method. I'd skip a day sometimes. And I don't put in the recommended full amounts on other days... I don't see any nutrient deficiencies so it seems to be going fine.

So it's basically a bumped up PMDD + root tabs.
I use an "enhanced" EI method. (Pfertz, Rootmedic micros and tabs + 3 types of Fe, Dtpa, EDDHA, Ferrous Gluconate)
I used to use Seachem dosing until I figured out how much I was paying for water. Then I went EI...cheaper and the plants look better.
Im not using it yet..
I'll be going the EI route as soon as my Seachem products run dry.
I am "old school".

I mix my own fertilizers and dose NO3 to 10ppm on Saturday and again on Wednesday. I dose PO4 to 2ppm via the same schedule.

Seachem Flourish and Iron twice a week.

I use ADA fertilzer sticks for the substrate. Best I have ever used, and I have used them all.
I use ADA fertilzer sticks for the substrate. Best I have ever used, and I have used them all.
Do you use the "iron bottom" or "multi bottom"?
I use seachem line of ferts and Root Medic Iron Intense and Complete root capsules. This is working very good for me. May be a little more expensive than dry fertws but it is easy and I only do a 5gal. water change when the film builds up on the surface of the water to much. No algae problems.
I dose NPK and micros daily in small amounts. NPK in ratio 10:1:6 (teaspoons, cups, whatever). Initially I measure the EC which is 0.60 mS for my tapwater (contains some NO3). With dosing I raise up the EC to ~0.85 (low tech) to ~1.0 mS (high-ish tech). After a few weeks I have the amount dialed in and don't worry about it anymore.

That said, the ratio and concentration is just something that works for my tanks/water/plants. I try to find the minimum amounts needed, rather than optimum amounts. I am greedy as heck. Or perhaps too lazy having to "reset" my tank weekly. I want to be able to take 4 weeks off without having to worry that all hell breaks lose.

Could be different for others.
Rootmedic Liquid Ferts and Rootmedic Complete Capsules in 3 tanks and Caps only in 1 tank. Dosing is Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy!!
Occasional additions of K to a MTS or ADA tank.
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