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White Worm

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While taking a peek at the root growth at the front of the tank, I saw this guy digging around and pulled it out. Any idea what it is? While keeping cichlids, I use to get shorter white worms in the tank due to left over food.

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Wondered if this came in on my Amano's. I have not seen it anywhere else in any tank. The only thing that had been exposed to another environment would be the filter (don't see these in the tank I used to cycle the filter) or the plants (which came in emersed gel packs.)
Hard to tell, but to me it looks like a detrius worm.
Ya, looks like detrius.
Skivvy, but harmless.
They look longer and thicker than the ones I had years ago. I'm still wondering how it got in...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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