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white wiggly worm

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today i just moved some plants around and i see this white wiggly worm swimming~ :eek5:..what is this?

60watts light bulb
sponge filter

10 rcs.
taiwan moss, some other kinds of moss.
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but my worm is white? will turn to red later?
Is it very very Thin? could be Nematodes
most likely its plant worms
just dont feed so much, do a gravel vaccuum every week and they will all die/be sucked out in a couple of months.

there harmless so dont be alarmed. :)
there harmless, in that case i feel better =)

what causes these guys?
Usually too much Feeding and poor water conditions, UNless your substrates came with the worm
thanks for help. ill be doing wc tom
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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