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white stuff on tank after clean algae

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I had algae form on the wall of my non glass tank at work. I scrubbed it off but now there are white spots where it used to be.

Can i scrape this off without damaging the walls of the tank?

I have a glass tank at home and i use a razor blade to scrape it off.

I don't know what this tank is made of so I don't want to damage it.

here is a pic
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my guess if it's not glass then it's acrylic.. most likely you scratched the acrylic. you may be able to find a scratch removal kit for acrylic aquariums..
There's also mag-float for acrylic. Learned that the hard way
I don't think it's scratches because it's only where the algae was.

it's in the exact same pattern as the algae.

I guess my main question was can i use a razor on acrylic?
i wouldnt, isnt there like harder, flexable vinyl squeeqies that you can use on acrylic? kinda like what they use in moulding clay or putting on tint?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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