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White stringy stuff in tank, fish dying, help!

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Can someone give me some advice on how to fix my 20 gal tank, I have one angel fish left now. There is a stringy whitish fungus like substance that has appeared and the water smells bad. I have raised angels for 5 years and not encountered this problem. I have lost 2 angels, and all my gouramis up to this date. I have 1 five year old angel left I wish to save. i tried treating the tank with tank salt and some of the fungus died. But it is starting a regrowth now. Changing half the water has not helped. When I contacted the Jungle fungus number on the back of the treatement label-they told me it was bacteria related. I am a biologist and this doesnt seem logical. Can anyone help please?
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It does sound like a bacterial bloom. When you change the water, do you directly remove this stuff by syphoning? Are you using tapwater? Overfeeding,rotting food ? Do you know your tanks parameters? WELCOME!
Continue to change the water. Are you on city or well water?
I am on well water and try not to over feed. I removed the stringy stuff with a syphon when I did a water change earlier this week. The gourami died this afternoon and the angel is now in a 2 1/2 gal tank for observation. I am going to dump the 20gal and bleach the tank, filter system, and castle. As of 1am tonight, the angel is showing no signs of infection or trouble breathing. When I start the tank again new, I plan to get an algae eater/catfish or something to that effect to take care of the missed food my angel leaves.
Thank you for your replies.
i have that problem with my res/water dragon tank too... it doesn't stink at all.. just looks nasty, i don't think i am over feeding either... should i just redo the tank?
I think I would I just redo the tank. Its not too hard to reset up one and I am doing mine in the morning. I am going to dump the gravel, get new gravel, and bleach the filter system and tank. My angel is showing no signs of the fungus that took over and killed my other fish. From what I can tell, the fungus gets in their gills and they sufficate.
Fungus might not kill the fish directly, but can contribute enough stress to lower the angelfish's immune system, leaving the door open to secondary infections.

Hope your tank is ok. Just take it slow for now and patience!

Also, well water tends to be quite high in organic matter, which can be a major cause for bacterial blooms. I forgot the source. Searching really hard. So I might be wrong on this one.
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