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White spots on Mopani driftwood?

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I have had mopani in my tank for about 5 months now. I boiled it first, and when I put it in the tank it got that normal fuzzy fungus stuff on it which quickly went away. Since then I have tons of little white dots which look like ick only bigger and they come and go on the driftwood. I haven't really thought of it much, but a bunch of platys I got from my favorite lfs have been dying. 1 dies every few days. They start being less active, then moving quite quick in the same spot then they are dead the next morning. It seems to only be affecting the platys too.

Any idea what is on the driftwood, and if this is what is affecting the platys? Thanks.
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Can't say if whatever is on your driftwood is affecting your platys, but I've seen those transient white dots on some of my driftwood before. They have never affected my fish, and usually seem to go away for good after a month or so (at least in my limited experience).

Do you, by chance, have Nerites in your tank?
What I was thinking.
I do, and I have been looking online at photos of nerite snail eggs but I had the small dots on the driftwood before I had nerites. Although I do have a lot more of the spots now.
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