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Here are a few ideas:

Ultra Violet will kill Ich. But getting ALL the water through the UV sterilizer will be difficult with a densely planted tank. You can use UV with heat and with salt, but not with most other medicines.

Salt will kill Ich, but the dose is hard on the plants. You could heavily trim and plan on replanting the tank with the trimmings after the salt has been cleared. The dose for delicate fish (Cardinals) is 1 tablespoon per 10 gallons, which translates as 32.5 grams of salt per 4 liters of water.
Day 1) Vacuum really thoroughly (remove Ich from the floor of the tank) and add 1/3 of the salt by dissolving it in water and pouring it in over several hours. Raise the tank temperature a few degrees.
Day 2) Repeat.
Day 3) Repeat.
By now the tank temperature should be over 30*C, and the full dose of salt is in there.
Day 4 and beyond: Vacuum the floor of the tank every other day. Add salt to the replacement water according to the same recipe: 32 grams/4 liters.
Maintain the treatment until 3 days past the day you saw the last Ich spot on any of the fish.

If there is any way to catch the fish and treat them separately I would do that, even if it means buying another tank and simple set up. As simple as a sponge filter, bare bottom tank, heater, light.
Trim the plants from the original tank and let them drift in the hospital tank. This will give the fish some security.
You will be able to better see all the fish and better track the treatment and how it is working.
You will be able to vacuum the floor of the tank and be sure you are getting all the Ich that falls off the fish.
The UV will work a lot better.
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