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White N. Davidi?

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Forgot to post this earlier.

I have pale looking blue velvet that developed into what looks sorta like a golden bee. The white is very solid but theres a hint of blue on it. It came out looking yellow tinted in one image, and blue tinted in other.

Nexus 4 camera isn't the best :/.
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It's probably a snowball shrimp. Morph of the blue idk can't see the pic
It's probably a snowball shrimp. Morph of the blue idk can't see the pic
Definitely not snowball. Was thrown off blue velvet, snowball also transparent, this guy opaque.

I also have snowballs to compare.
Snowballs are neo palmata, blue velvets are neo davidi.

I'd love it if you could get some more in focus pics. The white neo has long been the missing holy grail.

Most often when someone has white it is usually bacterial or high gh thickening the shell. Since BV don't rely on surface pigmentation, but rather internal blue tissue color- perhaps this is your answer.

But, who knows? What is your gh?
Have some other blue velvets keeping their blue, others losing from eating astaxanthin. This guy eats the same stuff and no change.
Maybe you have something. I hope. Time will tell. I'd be very interested to see how this turns out. How old is yours?

I have a near white cherry as well that I am waiting to age before doing anything with. However mine is caused by some kind of mutation with shell pigment. I don't know if mine is male or fem yet, but the nice thing about yours is that she's a fem. In cherries often the color is carried on by the fem.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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