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White milky algae??

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Anyone has experienced this. It's mainly developing on the driftwood and is lottery white and cloudy esque. The set up is relatively new, up 3 weeks and planted for 1 week. Running co2 8 hour photo period, 30-40 par so pretty straight forward set up.

Any help identify this or provide a cure and cause?


Here's a picture! Also I meant literally white.
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I have no idea what "lottery white" means ... But if it looks like soft fluffs of white cotton, it might be fungus. Not unusual for fungus to form on driftwood in new tanks and then go away on its own.

That, however, is just a guess. We really need photos to figure out what it might be.
Does it look like snot? If it does. Its a normal occurrence for new aquariums, especially on driftwood, it will go away pretty quickly. I always get it when I start a new aquarium, my fish eventually annihilate it.
+1 ^^
Let me guess: it is on new Mopani wood? If yes, then it is harmless and will disappear in a week or so.

Ya you are okay. Don't worry about that stuff.
We srsly need like an algae ID quick reference/ FA-Id's
We srsly need like an algae ID quick reference/ FA-Id's
No doubt. They need to set up an algae profile, just like the plant and fish profiles. I believe that white snot/slime is a bacteria.
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