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Hi, I got to admit I got a little behind in maintenance and my water level got low. I cleaned the tank did a water change. Then this white/grayish hair looking stuff grew on my java fern now has spread to my other plants. I really could not find out what it is online if its natural or harmful. If it is harmful how do I get rid of it. I really dont want to have to get rid of my plants. But I dont want a fish tank of white hairy fungus or algea. This aquarium has fresh water shrimp, celestial pearl danios, and a netrite snail, and pest snails.

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Yes it’s staghorn. Assuming without co2 since you have shrimps. I would turn down lights to 5-6 hours a day and while filter is off, also spot dose directly with a syringe hydrogen peroxide 3% found at local drug stores. You can use up to .5 to 1 ml a gallon of tank water. Wait 10 mins then turn back on filters. Do this daily focusing on a new section everyday and slowly you will gain the upper hand.
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