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white fuzzy growth on driftwood

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How long will it take to go away??? It has been slowly increasing for the last three days.
This is a new tank startup, the filters have been running for 10 days. Co2 and another filter go in this weekend,
and if nothing bad happens ,,,, probably order plants in the next day or two.:biggrin:
Right now the only thing in the tank is the driftwood and Flourite gravel,
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that's a sure sign your wood is biodegrading and is therefore not aquarium safe for your fish. many pet stores jumble desert wood for dry lizard tanks with wet fish aquarium wood that people unwittingly buy the wrong wood submerge. or people find wood laying around a body of water figuring it will be fine in their tanks, but more often than not it's a bad idea to use such wood.
I'd recommend taking it out and putting in a bucket with hot water and rinse it a few times. I had some white stuff leak out when i got my piece. the aquarium shop i bought it from suggested brushing it with a toothbrush and putting in warm water for 5 days. if it doesn't stop, then ditch it. mine stopped leaking the white stuff after a day and a half.

good luck.
The wood is ZooMed Mopani Wood , and a quote from the lable

"A beautiful two color African hardwood for aquariums."

And It is a Jumbo size, and so was the price but It looks pretty cool. I will try to scrub it but I do not have a pot big enough,, I can put it in the oven.
Or mabie I should just return it.
hmmm, I know Mopani Wood leeches tannins, but it should not biodegrade.
keep in mind the ZooMed brand is geared toward the reptile not fish market.

possibilities are;
  • it was mislabeled
  • it was not sandblasted enough (good for reptiles, bad for fish)
  • your water is too acidic (low pH) lakes in Africa are especially alkaline.
  • you need to keep a Pleco in your tank to help maintain the wood surface
I pulled it from the tank and put it in the laundry tub, cranked up the water heater to wow thats hot:biggrin:
added some bleach, and went to town with a wire brush, & lots of wood came off.:proud:
Drained the water and refilled twice ,& going to let it sit for a while, & add some prime later today.
And if the funk comes back,,, :angryfire fireplace :angryfire ???

Ph here is about 7.8

"it was not sandblasted enough (good for reptiles, bad for fish)",,,,,I think you hit the nail on the head

"you need to keep a Pleco in your tank to help maintain the wood surface",,,,,Good idea, I had one a while back and it was always on the wood.
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I have had a lot of driftwood develop white stuff initially, including wood that is known to be fine in aquariums. (i.e. mopani and malaysian driftwod, etc.) I think this is pretty common while the aquarium is starting. My experience has been that it will go away on it's own after a while.
I have had almost every piece of new driftwood added to a tank develop that white fuzz. This is using both mopani wood and malasian driftwood. My plecos have always cleaned it off and then it never comes back. I don't think it's a sign of the wood decaying. A bristlenose will make quick work of it.
Yup, it's rotting. I soaked mine for three months before introducing it. During that time there was a bunch of white fuzz. BTW, hot water or even boiling doesn't solve the problem. I boiled mine for two days and it still developed white fuzz for the next two months. It needs to soak, plain and simple.
Pulled the other piece and wire brushed it also, I will give them some time and see what happens.
Thanks for all the help!
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