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Hi guys, first post here - new to tanks, have a 10g.

Background - I have ADA amaziona substrate in my tank, it's pretty well planted, almost everything is stock in my aquarium, took out my bio bags and started using purigen about 2 months ago, and just upgraded my lights from the stock ones that come with the top fin kit, to a 10 watt coralife 50/50 bulb.

Haven't had to many issues with my tank yet - but just ran into a big algae bloom, and my nitrates are sky high and its become a bit of an issue to keep m ph down.

On top of that, I have these white fluffs in my aquarium.

I believe some of it has to do with my overfeeding, but for the past 4 days I have done 30% water change or more and my nitrates are about 20ppm after water change, then gradually get higher again.

I run these lights 8 hours a day.

I also had a plant that died off and alot of the leaves broke down into the substrate, so I have been vacuuming diligently around my plants.

Right now I have 3 rummynose tetras, 5 galaxies, 3 otos and 2 rainbow fricotta's (spelling?). 1 cherry shrimp and 2 amano shrimp.

Just got rid of 5 guppies because I understand I was fully overcrowding my tank.

I understand that could be too many fish for my aquarium.

Sorry for the paragraph. I will try to include better pictures but right now this is all I have.

I use excel for c02 and have flourish, but I use them very sparingly.

I have exams this week but I will try to cover more details with this post as soon as I get home and list exactly what im using in my to help you guys diagnose.

Thanks for any help

Here is a full pic of my aquarium a month ago.

Keep in mind I have plenty more cuttings from my stem plant around the aquarium now (alot denser)


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