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White fibrous strands

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So I have these white fibrous strands in my water column. They measure about 1/4 centimeter long. They decreased when I did a fifty percent water change but were back again in heavy numbers in 24-48 hours. They do not appear to be alive but give my water a white appearance. Any ideas? I'm wondering if they are silicates as I have had an increase in diatom algae. They are not adhering to the glass or plants. My phone cannot capture a quality pic of them. Suggestions please or any similar experiences. My tank is 2 months old.
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Sounds like bacteria bloom. Kinda like loogies? How did you cycle your tank?
1/4" white strands sounds like some matter that may be breaking off something in the tank, or filter. Maybe a plant that is falling apart and all that is left is the stronger bits that used to be the veins.

I would clean the filter really well, and double the amount of fine floss. See if you can catch that stuff. Clean the filter again in just a few days and see if you are reducing it.

See if you can figure out where it is coming from.
One at a time remove everything you can from the tank, clean it, then put it in a bucket of water with a bubbler or small pump. Anything to keep the water moving. Check the water every few days to see if the strands show up.
Sounds like bacteria bloom. Kinda like loogies? How did you cycle your tank?
I would say it is more hair like. I did fishless cycling with plants until my ammonia and nitrites =0 (about 1 month). Readings still indicate tank is cycled. I was wondering though if it is some sort of bacteria. I have never seen anything like it before. Going to make sure it's not a plant or peice of a filter slowly breaking apart. I also am going to run a diatom filter I have to clean the water up more. Thanks you for the responses.
When I had a massive BGA infestation I vacuumed the stuff off surfaces with an airline. Looking very closely at the tank afterwards i would see extremely short fine strands of blue green stuff floating about that would catch on the ends of leaves and start covering the tank surfaces again.

I don't think you have BGA but maybe there is some other organism that does the same thing. I never saw it in the water but often when I do a major upheaval in the tank I will see very fine short strands on the sides of the tank for a couple days. I have read here that others have the same thing but nobody has ever scraped it off and looked at it closely. It really doesn't seem to be a problem, just something that gets noticed.
What filter are you using? any other equipment in the tank (powerhead, sponge, etc)?
I'm using a filstar medium with a hydro power head. Definately gonna get another filstar when I get the cash. In the meantime I'm going to run a diatom filter with my cannister.
Any chance that your filter pads are breaking down like Diana said? I'm not sure how the Rena's are on the inside, but maybe something is getting chewed up by the impeller?
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