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White eggs(?) on plants

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Hello all,

Tonight as I was looking into my tank I noticed some white egg looking sacs on some of my plants.

Sorry those are the best I could do from my phone:icon_conf. Anyway, this is a 5 gallon with a few plants and one cory for now (completely cycled and has been up for 1 year+). I topped off the tank with about half a gallon last night. I'm wondering if the water was cooler than usual and if this may have set off the cory to lay her eggs. What do you guys think?
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Yeah, they look like cory eggs to me.
cool water will act like a rain storm which often spurs spawning
cool water will act like a rain storm which often spurs spawning
I dont have a male in the tank so the eggs are def not fertilized. Should I remove the eggs from the tank?
i dont really know how this species cares for eggs but some species will eat unfertilized eggs. maybe she'll clean house for you
By chance, do you have nerite snails? Tough to tell size in images...

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lotuseater - i dont have any nerite snails in my tank that i know of. Those eggs look very flat - the eggs in my tank are puffy like little cotton balls. Thanks to all for their input!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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