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White Dot in the Center of Eyes

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I have 3 Pearl Gouramis and I was just looking at them. And, I notice that one has a white dot in each eye; right in the center. Since my other Pearl Gouramis don't have this, I'm assuming this is a problem which I need to treat. But, I have no idea what it is? I tried to take a picture but the fish kept moving or it was shielded by the other Pearl Gouramis. So, instead I took a picture off the web and put a white dot on it for you visual folk. Thanks.

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Cataracts maybe? I read that is a fungal infection. I know from my experience is that it occurrs when the fish get older just like people. I've had fish that had this for years despite attempted medicating with Maroxy and Maracyn but didn't seem to bother them so I leave it be now.
I've had fish get that right after a substrate change or if they're put in to water when the water's still cloudy. I always thought it was like a scratch or something on the cornea, or possibly a mild infection - it always clears up for me without treatment other than keeping the water clean.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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