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White deposits in Lobelia

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Hello all, and thanks for any insight as to what this is.

The pic:

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This is only affecting my Lobelia, but as you can see there are white deposits that are INSIDE the leaf. I.E it can't be scrapped off and upon further investigation with a lab grade microscope the white substance is actually inside the cell of the plant. I can't tell if it is in a storage vacuole or in the cytoplasm. The deposits don't exist in the veins of the plant.

I've had this plant now for months, and it's always done this. I can't figure it out.

Other issues that could also be symptomatic:
-Cupped leaves that usually turn downward in the center of the leaf, then upward toward the end.

Possible causes:

  • Calcium buildup in the leafs caused by some kind of ionic imbalance.
gH: 2.5 (1 out of the tap. Using CaCl2 to supplement, and MgSO4)
kH: 2.5
TDS: 120

  • Some kind of stored organic compound...sugars?
  • The result of the plant using Carbonates in the water as a C source
  • A disease only effecting Lobelia