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White clouds and kribs?

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I'm going to be setting up my new 54 g corner bowfront as a planted tank with eco complete substrate, 2.5 wpg, hopefully pressurized co2. I have soft water and ph about 6.8 from the tap. I was thinking of doing two schools of white clouds and maybe redtail rasboras (Rasbora borapetensis) or harlequin rasboras if I can find them (Rasbora heteromorpha).

The question is wether my kribs will be ok in the tank. I have breeding pair, they are in a 30g currently with a tank load (5 columbian tetras, 3 black skirts, 2 zebra danios, otto and a yoyo) and have managed to raise one brood while keeping their tank mates in the corner. Do you think in a larger tank that the same thing will happen or can the schooling fish live happily? I am not sure wether I will be moving the loach and other larger tetras to the big tank, the loach is pretty mean...we'll see.

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there's a good chance for harassment by the Kribs on the other fish once they are in breeding mood again. Having schools of fish will help from any one getting the brunt of it, but it will likely limit the schooling area of your fish. If you would like them to school 'tightly' Kribs may help bring that out. I would suggest only one school though or they will make each other 'scatter'.
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