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White cherry shrimp?

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I have a tank of cherries. They were sold to me as supreme reds. The adults are closer to sakura or painted red grades. I noticed some newborns today that are very white. Usually they are a light brown. Just curious if there could be a problem that would cause this. If it's just a colorless shrimp that's fine I'll start culling them soon enough. Just wanted to make sure it's not a sign of any problems I'm not aware of. These new ones were strikingly different than what I'm used to seeing.
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8 months maybe. Probably 5-6 generations or so. I'm thinking it's just poor grades without color. Then again, I don't know hence my question.
My RCS shrimp often are colorless when they first hatch. This way they can hide better from predators. I would wait and see if they develop their normal color in a few days. If water conditions are not optimal, shrimp may also loose their colors or fade to a lighter shade. But if your adults still look normal than that is unlikely. When I do water changes in my RCS tank, I have to use a magnifying glass to check for baby shrimp as all that can be seen are the eyes in the first few days. This is a little easier with CRS as they start out showing some red right away but with RCS it's not unusual to have the shrimplets starting out colorless. And I don't even want to think about how many I may have tossed down the drain not realizing that there were babies in the tank.
Did you change anything out in the tank lately? Like different décor or plants (more or less of them)? I found my shrimp show more color on darker substrate and in a darker tank than in a tank where it is very bright.
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I would not worry about it until you start seeing clear spots on your adults
yeah, babies are often colorless. They grow into their color as they get older.
from my understanding and i could be wrong most neo's dont hit full color untill they are breeding age or just after the first drop of babies or so. give them time to color up and go from there.
Wicca, that is the time when they show/develop color best. :thumbsup:

However for the basic color to show, it is around young juvie age. :)
Thanks guys.

I realize they have little color when young. These were just abnormally white so I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. The newborns in this tank have always been a light tan color so it made me wonder if something could be wrong. Now I know. Thanks again
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