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While in between Co2 tanks?

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For a few days while I get out to get a Co2 refill.. does it make sense to supplement with Flourish Exel or just wait till I can get the Co2 back in action?

Ty for advice guys.
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I do. I also turn the lights down and cut ferts down to about a 1/3.

This is why I keep a 24oz PB tank on hand. I actually have 3 spare tanks that hold me over for short periods until I get my main tanks refilled.
I have two cylinders so I always have one filled and ready to go.
Ovt..ty for the suggestion I just cut my lights down by an hour and I'll also reduce ferts.
Sat is an off day with ferts anyway.. I hope to be back up by Sun
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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