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which Tropheus?

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I am planning on setting up a Tropheus tank in the future and was curious if anyone has a recommendation as to which species to start with and why. Also, I was planning on plants in the tank so recommendations as to what plants might work well with them and the tank conditions would be appreciated.
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Nice! Finally someone who likes Tropheus from this Forum! ^_^
I used to breed Tropheus. Red Rainbows to be exact. Why? See for your self.. =)
Those are my actual breeders. Took the pics from my old phone almost 6 years ago.

I think the picture speaks louder on it's self.. Off course you can go for other types like Mpulungu Sunspot, Ilangi, and other rainbow variants. There's also Duboisi maswa (Endengared now) or if you like Sp. blacks, then look up Balck Lueba or ikola, or bemba. ^_^

I used to have Anubias plant in the tank with them and it often spits flowers. Sorry, I don't know where the pics of those anymore.

Good luck man! ^_^

Bump: With the Emergent of Bucephalandra, I don't see why you can't add those. They're like Anubias anyway. . Just don't add any plant that has soft leaves. Tropheus will munch on those.
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What about Sag? I've always liked Tropheus but never got around to having them. I am looking forward to the challenge!
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