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Which tank to go with?

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I recently decided to tear down my 55 and go for something that was a bit easier to maintain in terms of a size scale. At first, I was going to go with a 40 Long since it is basically the same size but height makes it easier to reach into and clean etc.

Then I came across a 38 gallon while they had the dollar per gallon sale at petco and it was on clearance for 37 dollars. I could pick up a stand for 100 bucks at my LFS. I do really like the tank, my only issue is that out of all sized tanks I'm considering, it would be the one I would have to keep up with the most if heavily stocked. It is also taller however than the 40long.

Then I had the idea today to setup a 40B. Out of all the sized tanks (55, 40L, 38g) apparently I could keep the most fish in the 40B. I don't like the height in terms of visuals as a I prefer a height of 18-20 inches, but at the same time, as everyone knows, it's perfect for cleaning and water changes etc. Also easier to reach into to plant in. And with no center brace, I can easily use only one filter one it right in the middle. And the 18 inch from back to front is definitely nice. I always liked the 55 more for it's length, but more people prefer the 40B.

So... I'm kind of going out of my head here trying to decide this. Anybody have any idea what I should do?
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This is more a question of personal choice. Ask yourself what do I want out of the tank.

My own choices would be a 40B or a larger 70 gal tank. I find that the 12 inch front to back dimension of the 55, 40L and 38 make them very difficult to aquascape and get something that look decent. The 18 inches front to back on a 40B or 70 let you really do something.

As for ease of maintenance, I don't think there would be that much difference between any of the tanks. You still got to clean the filter, scrape the glass and so on. Only if you went a lot smaller would you save a lot of work.
I'm going to complicate it a bit more for you. From what I'm reading, you may be happy with a 50 gallon. 36" left to right, 18" front to back, 19" top to bottom. Same footprint as the 40b but taller.
if it's about height for for breeding tank ... usually long and short..if it's about to have a smaller one to make it easy the bow fronts are smaller but the 36 looks like 50s.... I will go for a 30 36 r 42 bow front ... also u have the small conner tanks that also works ... I don't like them because It's difficult to clean outside glass .. once the Conners usually are against the walls ... # my tanks are all 8 inches from side walls or 1f n half from back walls .. that makes makes ya self crazy easier when it's clean up time ....
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