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Which t5ho would you choose?

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So I like these 3 lights, but I cant make up my mind. Fishneedit is really winning, but I read so many good reviews for the Catalina. $165 shipped
Its the cheapest one, and I like the looks of it the most. The main thing I don't like though is the cords coming out of the side rather then the back. $259 shipped (I added $10 for legs)
Paying more for the name? $177 shipped (again, added $10 for legs)
I like this one because its still more light then I will probably need for a 75g. It also has a splash-guard. But I also don't want to be limited if I ever felt like getting crazy and experimenting with 4 bulbs.

Even though these are 4 bulb (one 3 bulb) fixtures I would probably alternate between sets of 2 bulbs at a time. 2 on for 4 hours then switch to the other 2 for the remaining 3to4 hours. Maybe a burst time in between. It would be for a 75g, pressurized co2, EI dosing.
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Fishneedit have external ballasts...they have decent ballasts from what I've heard... but they don't the best bulbs.

As far as Catalina goes, call them before you order, or when you order. He can custom make a fixture if you don't see one you like, by using one of the larger hoods. I just ordered my 4X54W retrofit from him for 260$ shipped; custom sized + shipping for only 25$ more? HECK YA... I've heard the bulbs were a lot better as well. *** The normal retrofit was 235$...he took off some on the total (20$) Great guy to talk to as well.

Can't go wrong with either one I suppose. I would lay bets on the Catalina for great service and great lights :D
I have Catalina and like it. As fishykid1 suggests call them before you order.
I have Catalina and like it. As fishykid1 suggests call them before you order.

Mine should be here next week sometime! Can't wait!

Ask Azfishkid about Catalina as well, I believe he's had a good experience with them.
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