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I have a newly established 10 gallon planted tank, which I wanted to add red crystal shrimp, or some other form of colourful shrimp to. Because I live in two different locations, I can either use the current houses water (PH 8.0, but has high KH of 7) or my other houses water (PH of 8.2, with lower KH of 3). I am not sure what water to use, taking into consideration I want shrimp. I know 8.0+ is high for them, and also the plants. But lowering the PH of the water would be easier with the low KH water. I was thinking of using the PH 8.2, KH 3 water along with peat moss and fluval stratum, which lowers the PH of the water. Im just not sure which to go with, and which would be better and more stable.. :confused:

Would shrimp be fine in PH 8.0 and KH 7 water? Or should I try and get it down with the other water source?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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