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Which pump?

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Howdy folks. Long time lurker. First time poster.

I have decided to finally start a larger (120 gallon) and mostly DIY tank. Planted, of course. So, I'll be asking quite a few questions over the next several months. Yes, months. I am a truck driver and only have my weekends to work on this. Yeah, months it is.

For now, my question is, what submersible pump (For a diy cannister) would you recommend? Thinking 750+ gph.

I know this has probably been covered several times. However, those I've found via the search were for small tanks or from 2009. I'm sure technology has changed at least a little since then.

Thanks for your opinions. Much appreciated.
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I like Rio myself. They are inexpensive and easy to clean.
Appreciate your reply. Ended up going with a Jebao DCT-12000. Its overkill. But it can be turned down.
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