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Which pump for flow for shrimp tank?

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I'm running a 100l shrimp tank, well balanced natural/Walstad tank style. Which means it has no active filter. But not too long ago I came across some Bamboo Shrimp / Wood Shrimp and they do like some flow! I introduced a little pump, photo attached.

I got this pump because it is inside the tank(no mess if it fails) and it came with a sponge, so it would not shred the young shrimp. This pump loses strength within 4-6 days, after that the sponge is full. I can keep on cleaning it, but that is not why I get the pump. I looking for the flow, not clean water ;)

Can you help me?:
  1. Do you need a sponge for shrimp to protect them from being sucked into a pump, or are they smart enough to avoid the vortex?
  2. What kind of pump/system for flow would you recommend(or do you use) and why?
  3. Do you also experience that all shrimp enjoy a little flow? (mine: CRS, CBS, Amano, Bamboo do!)
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Cheers. I will not challenge them and always will use the sponge, and I guess I'll find a way to make it work. The video might be nice, easy clean. The current pump is a lot of work to clean.

I was thinking about a dedicated setup for the bamboos with a nice landing strip of stone combined with a lot af flow 🙂 maybe even going for a biotope and recreating a Asian river bed.

Can the tank be smaller of there is more flow? The tank will hold up to Max 6 bamboos...

1. Shrimp are super dumb and WILL get sucked into the filter

2. I have a pump attached to a sponge filter. This way no shrimp gets sucked in, but problem is same as yours; the sponge gets filled with waste and reduces the flow quite a bit.

3. I find bamboo shrimp definitely needs a lot of flow. Not just flow but also floating debris.
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