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Which plant?

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Hey all, I'm new to this forum! Just a question.

Which is easier to grow? I have dwarf hairgrass right now under 28w on a 5g with co2. Some reason some of it is slowly dying, but there are also runners appearing. So what should I do? I can also get about a 3.5"x3.5" mat of HC for cheap and can easily replace the dwarf hairgrass or maybe move the hairgrass to back-drop. What should I do?
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what substrate are you using?

what is in the tank? lighting sounds a bit strong unless you have CO2 and something that will eat algae.
Oh yeah.. tank specs..

I am using Eco-complete as the substrate.
I have Nutrafin Natural Plant System CO2 w/ ladder. Just started CO2 yesterday.
I have one otocinclus and about 9-10 cherry shrimp.
Tons of 1/2" guppies.. soon to be transfered out into another tank.

Might add another otocinclus and definately adding 2-3 dwarf crayfish.
I would keep the hairgrass. just let it have time to react to the co2. u will notice the difference in about a week or so.
Give it a few months, watch it grow and see how you like it once the runners fill in. Then tear it out and try something else - that's part of the fun, isn't it? :hihi:
they will both do fine in that tank. in fact, they both look good together in an igwami tank.
Yeah, try more stuff, that's the fun like Jen said, you'll discover what you like and what you can grow. the hair grass should do fine, you might want to add some Seachem ferts or something in the future as your plant uptake increases, you'll know that once it kicks in a really starts growing then shows yellowing or melted leaves. For now, some of your hairgrass may be dying from acclimation to a new setup, which is totally normal, you have to learn to distinguish acclimation from nutrient deficiencies, acclimation happens to old growth shortly after introduction and bad deficiencies usually happen to newer growth, stunted, crinkled, yellowing etc.
another symptom is pinholes in the leaves. snails can often be the cause of that though.
but that doesnt help for hairgrass since it wouldnt show.
Are you dosing any fertilizers? If not, thats probably your problem. Hairgrass likes it macro nutrients IME (nitrates, potassium). And since you just started CO2 today, give it some time to work. That is another thing that would lead to it dying. :)
Alright! Co2 is bubbling about every 10 - 14 seconds now. As for the light, I took out one of the 14w bulbs and changed it with a 11w bulb. Now my tank is half white light and half yellow light. :D

Yes! There are runners! Maybe a new one popping out every other day? Growing pretty fast. 1 strand grew 1" in a week! Lets just see what happens now.

As for the ferts, i dosed 1/2 dose of Seachem Flourish into the tank. Dont want too much copper in the water as I'm going to add dwarf crayfish. One of my cherry shrimp died the following day I added the Flourish so I'll lay back from that.

Any other suggestions?
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