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which online sellers to avoid?

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I'm doing a resarch for tiger shrimp and I've found few Web stores, flipaquatics,alphaprobreeders,theshrimptank, prices vary, but which You recommend based on expierence?
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Recommending only those that I have ordered shrimp from and will continue to use, I can only recommend bobstropicalplants and while he does usually have tiger shrimp for $3.50 he is out at the moment. I have only hear good things about theshrimptank but have never used them. I have use evilbay several times and it has been hit and miss, would not recommend it. Craigslist is probably a better source than evilbay and usually you can check out the tank they come from. Finally I've also ordered from plantedtank with good luck but not from anyone currently selling.

FYI, Just checked Bobs and he does have Super Tiger Shrimp in stock just not regular Tiger Shrimp. I think they were $4.50 but don't hold me to that.
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