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Hello planted tankers. I am trying to decide which T5 fixture I should put on my 38 gallon planted tank and I was hoping for some advice. Here are the two I have narrowed it down to:

1) 36 inch Zoo Med AquaSun T5 HO, which has two 39w bulbs
2) Odyssea 36 inch T5 with 3 x 39w bulbs and 6 lunar LEDs with integrated timer

I can get the Zoo Med for $65 (it is used and I can buy it here in town from my LFS) and it comes with two bulbs; the Odyssea is about $85 shipped (from ye olde eee-baye) and also ships with bulbs. I really like the feature set on the Odyssea, but I have read mixed reviews both here and on other sites as well. Apparently Odyssea had quality problems with their metal halide fixtures several years back, but from what I have read/heard the problem did not extend to their T5 fixtures and the quality of their products appears to have improved greatly. BUT, it seems like a lot of features for not a lot of cost, and I am concerned that it may be too good to be true. I have found that typically you get what you pay for, but there are always exceptions. The Zoo Med light seems to have a better reputation and is a bit cheaper, but it has one less bulb, no LEDs and no timer. If anyone has used either fixture and can recommend one or the other, please respond with your experience. Thanks!
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