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Here are the two competitors, same price

24" T5 Dual 48W - Plant 6500K version

Dimensions - 23.50” x 5.00” x 1.70”
Supports 2x 24W T5 HO fluorescent lamps
Standard T5 sockets
Extendable bracket - 30.00" max extend


24" - 36" Freshwater Bright LED by Beamworks
Use the 6500K white LED during the day and the Actinic Blue 460nm LED during the night. Long lasting LEDs with no bulb replacement required.

Extendable brackets - 24"-36".
Dimensions - 23.00” x 5.00” x 1.00”
Brackets add 0.65" in height
Includes 78 LEDs
400 Lumen
Super energy efficient .06 watt LEDs
72x 6500K LEDs
6x Actinic 460nm LEDs
Uses 7 watts

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I doubt it will be too dim to get the job done.
If you want high light, then it definitely wont be that.
But plants can grow pretty quick with low light and co2 once they adapt and make the correct enzymes.
You didn't mention your intentions for the tank either, if its not going to have co2 then I wouldn't bother with 48w of t5ho over a 12 inch deep tank, even one bulb will be a lot of light for a tank that shallow without co2.

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according to Hoppys chart a two bulb t5ho light would have to be a foot above the tank to be high light. Any lower would be too high. Unfortunately his chart doesnt address LEDs.

If you go with the t5ho, 12 inches above the tank CO2 injection will be a must.

I'd problably go with the LED fixture and do a low light tank.

Honestly if I had that tank I would light it with screw in CFLs and a clip light or two.
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