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Which nutrients are in fish food?

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What nutrients are in fish food and are likely to be over-dosed?
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Nitrogen (N) from fish doo doo.

Phosphates (P) from decaying fish food.

Potassium's (K) only source is ferts.

I dont dose phosphates because my 30 gallon tank with about 25 inches of fish produces more than 2 ppm on its own (from the food).

I dont need to dose nitrates because of all the fish poo but i still do. I know lots of people dose ONLY K2SO4 and traces and have BEAUTIFUL tanks.

Hope that helps.

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Ah thank you. I will probably end up dosing onlly K2SO4 or at least mainly K2SO4. I will probably have a pretty high fish load.
You still need the traces.:icon_wink
depending on the hardness of your water, you might need to add Mg & Ca.
My water is hard. I have Seachem Flourish right now, I'll probably switch over to CSM+B eventually.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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