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I am setting up my first planted tank, after many years of regular tanks. I have a 90 gal. tank, Flourite substrate, and a filstar XP L canister. I plan to add a Co2 tank system, but will start with Seachem Excel for a few months (till my bank account recharges). Will also aquire an R/O unit, but will get water from LFS till then. I am in the learning curve and want to keep things fairly simple while I catch up on the science and technology. I will probably fertilise with a pre-packaged liquid to start. I have 45 years in Hortuculture, greenhouse management, etc., so this is not brand new. I am planning on doing a fishless cycle with Ammonia.

Lighting is the next purchase. I want to be able to grow high light species. I have emailed A&H for suggestions. They replied with two likely options. Either a 4x55w compact setup or 4x54w T5 linear setup. This would allow for two timers.

My questions are:
what bulbs would work?

why choose compact or T5's?

if I am doing wcs with partial r/o, do I need to suppliment with Equalibrium or equivelent for redox balance, or do the elements in the 'complete' ferts cover that?
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